Digital Education and Participatory Adult Learning

This project supports educators to better motivate their adult learners and improve their use of digital technologies creating a bridging of participatory education with new digital learning through the Digital Storytelling method.

The project has four phases:

  • Phases 1 and 2 focus on developing the knowledge and skills of educators to deliver more engaging digital learning with a specific focus on understanding this in terms of competence– something co-created by partners – based on both theory and practice. The theory comes from the project Guide, created by the project. The practice comes from the first international training, and 6 ‘Digital Photo Story’ trainings in partners’ countries.
  • Phase 3 involves developing and refining the Educator’s Toolkit. A practical resource for educators actually delivering digital learning, which shares the indicators of competent digital teaching.
  • Phase 4 focuses on results dissemination. This phase is crucial to share the learning of educators with trainees who will become the educators of tomorrow.

The aim of this chain of activities and results is to impact on the wider adult education sector, promoting thinking about how to make adult education engaging and meaningful and increasing the practice of good digital learning. The project will better prepare marginalised adult learners to take fuller role as 21st century global citizens.