Liverpool World Centre (LWC) is a charity and company limited by guarantee. LWC exists to make world issues relevant to the lives of people young and old. Education is a crucial part of people’s lives, therefore LWC works with adults and educators to facilitate understanding of global issues and promote positive social change. LWC has 8 paid staff, and 2 volunteers, but also has a bank of 8 associate workshop leaders. LWC was founded in 2001 and has worked with 237 of schools in Merseyside (50%), and over 2000 adults.

Liverpool World Centre chairs the national Consortium of Development Education Centres (CoDEC) and leads the TEESNet network in partnership with Liverpool Hope University.
Liverpool World Centre uses established and innovative participatory education methodologies to encourage inclusive education that is able to explore a wide range of global issues. The organisation works with schools, teachers, trainee teachers, community organisations, universities and informal education providers to achieve their aims.