Participatory and digital learning: a guide for adult educators

The DEPAL partners are delighted to present our first publication of the project, ‘Understanding Participatory and Digital Learning: A Guide for Adult Educators.

The guide outlines the theoretical basis for the DEPAL project’s aim to weave together threads from Digital Storytelling and Participatory Education in order to provide a powerful resource and approach for adult educators across Europe.

This free download will introduce the context, theory and rationale behind using participatory and digital learning with adults, and will be of interest to educators looking to explore and develop their knowledge.

The contents of the guide are aimed at individuals working in both formal and informal education, and will support the engagement of learners and explore how to provide learners with agency in their learning.

Each chapter of the guide has been written by one of the DEPAL partners organisations across Europen, and as such, each has a different perspective brought from that organisation’s own experience and field of expertise.

Chapters include:

  • Background thinking – Participatory Adult Learning
  • Creating Safe Spaces for Dialogue
  • Faithful and Holistic Adult Learning
  • The Coin of Communication: Listening & Speaking
  • Digital Storytelling: Group Facilitation in Digital Learning

As the project develops through training events and shared experiences, the partnership will work together to create a further ‘Toolkit’ resource for adult educators, which will explore more practical issues in relation to all of our project activity. Follow us on facebook or stay in touch via the website to keep up to date with all our project news!