DEPAL Multiplier Events in Genova

In May 2022, two Multiplier Events were held in Genoa, Italy, for the DEPAL project.

The first, open to all, was held on 9 May in the Condiviso headquarters, a Co-working and Digital Communication center, and was conducted by the representatives of the LABC project partner Paolo Brusa and Angela Salvatore, together with Anna Ponte from the partner Diciannove.

The second was carried out on 23 May at the specific request of Il Biscione, a social cooperative active with several educational services aimed at adults and adolescents in the genoese territory, and was led by Anna Ponte from Diciannove. In the   “In Farmacia –spazio sociale”,  educators of the teams working with migrants and minors gathered to participate in our activities.

Both meetings were excellent opportunities for sharing the Intellectual Outputs of the project with particular attention to the theme of Digital Storytelling. The groups faced the participatory learning work with a high level of engagement, getting involved with their skills, to understand the impact that the proposed paths can have in their work as educators, counselors, trainers, etc.

Not only were the practical proposals received with enthusiasm, but also the presentation of the entire project and of the two products, the Guide and the Toolkit, were the subject of interest and study. We can therefore say that the two days have achieved the desired results.