DEPAL Multiplier Events in Genova

In May 2022, two Multiplier Events were held in Genoa, Italy, for the DEPAL project.

The first, open to all, was held on 9 May in the Condiviso headquarters, a Co-working and Digital Communication center, and was conducted by the representatives of the LABC project partner Paolo Brusa and Angela Salvatore, together with Anna Ponte from the partner Diciannove.

The second was carried out on 23 May at the specific request of Il Biscione, a social cooperative active with several educational services aimed at adults and adolescents in the genoese territory, and was led by Anna Ponte from Diciannove. In the   “In Farmacia –spazio sociale”,  educators of the teams working with migrants and minors gathered to participate in our activities.

Both meetings were excellent opportunities for sharing the Intellectual Outputs of the project with particular attention to the theme of Digital Storytelling. The groups faced the participatory learning work with a high level of engagement, getting involved with their skills, to understand the impact that the proposed paths can have in their work as educators, counselors, trainers, etc.

Not only were the practical proposals received with enthusiasm, but also the presentation of the entire project and of the two products, the Guide and the Toolkit, were the subject of interest and study. We can therefore say that the two days have achieved the desired results.

DEPAL Multiplier Events in Turin

LABC organised two multiplier events to disseminate the results of the DEPAL project.

The first event was held in February following the transnational project team meeting, on 18 February 2022 at SPAZIOBAC – VIA COTTOLENGO 24, TURIN.

The second event was hosted on 15 May 2022 by the CIRCUS VERTIGO CIRCUS ARTS TEACHING PROFESSIONAL SPECIALISATION SCHOOL, Via Tiziano Lanza, 31 – 10095 Grugliasco (TO).

Each LABC event is divided into two parts.

In the first, participants are stimulated to construct individual stories, starting from images or personal objects. From these individual stories, the challenge is to build a new common story. Some groups proceed by synthesising concepts, others write a completely new text, and still others take their cue from the detail of a story that becomes a thread that guides the narrative.

In the second part of the event, LABC presents the work of the consortium and the materials, platform, manual and toolkit.

At the end of this section, a number of digital stories are screened, starting from those produced by the partners’ national and international workshops to those developed in other contexts or for different purposes. This is an important moment to capture the attention of the participants and to start a crucial interlocutive phase for the dissemination of the DEPAL project results.

Impressions from the DEPAL Guide and Toolkit

Project meeting in Turin

On 17 and 18 February, the project partners met for their last meeting in Turin.

The atmosphere was as cosy and friendly as ever, and was the backdrop to a two-year collaboration that successfully defied the restrictions of the pandemic to create resources for digital storytelling and participatory learning.

A journey we were very passionate about is coming to an end, there is some sadness… but every conclusion is always a new beginning!

The Greek Erasmus+ Multiplier Event for DEPAL resources is coming soon

Are you an adult educator or facilitator?

Would you like to create a safe space for dialogue in your physical or online classroom using group bonding and experiential activities?

Would you like your participants to use Digital Storytelling methodology to bring their stories to life?

If so, sign up for our workshop on Saturday 12/2/2022  at 17.30  at  Vardakeios School and be introduced  to Participatory Learning and Digital storytelling through our interactive activities and our two useful resources- Guide and Toolkit- created and tested by DEPAL partners for you, the last two years despite the pandemic difficulties.

Free admission

Working language: Greek

Participants will receive a certificate

For registrations and information: 2281082573


The DEPAL Guide gave adult educators a grounding in the theories that underpin the work of the DEPAL partnership. The new Toolkit is partner to the Guide and brings the theory to life, offering a range of tips and activities for bringing participatory education and (digital) storytelling into your work.

The toolkit is a labour of love put together across the COVID divide, with all seven DEPAL partner organisations contributing. We have painstakingly put together our experience and expertise to offer you something new and interactive that can be applied in all kinds of educational settings.

With sections including ‘Creating Communities of Learning’, ‘Working with Stories’ and ‘Making it Digital’, in addition to a series of activities and case studies, we hope that this is a practical and useful resource for anyone working in education or looking to develop their facilitation skills.

Download the toolkit in all four project languages here: Toolkit – DEPAL (

Completion of the Toolkit means that both this and our Guide are available to adult educators across Europe to download for FREE!

Second training of DEPAL – Digital Education and Participatory Adult Learning project

Between the 3rd and 7th of November Neo Sapiens hosted the second training course (LTTA)  in the small but welcoming city of Logroño (Spain). During three intensive and fruitful days, partners from England, Greece, Ireland, Italy, and Spain worked on the development and testing of some methodologies for storytelling: activities that stimulate our senses, and motivated us to improve our educational tools and keep using participatory learning. Some sum up words of the training were: pleasure, magic, enjoy, family, ingredients, community, chaos, fireplace, forgiving troubles, and a long etc.

DEPAL is an Erasmus+ project which supports educators to better engage their adult learners and improve their use of digital technologies. It creates a bridging of participatory education with new digital learning using ‘Digital Photo Stories’.

  • What is storytelling?
  • The activity of telling or writing stories.

We all have stories to tell and people who actually want to listen to them. DEPAL is a project that encourages you to tell your stories (personal, imaginary, real or not…). Every story counts, so DEPAL provides you with tools to improve your skills as a digital storyteller. Check more about the project here:

DEPAL Toolkit Webinar for adult educators

The webinar for the DEPAL toolkit on the 20th of October 2021 was a good opportunity for adult educators from around Europe to be informed about it but also to participate on interactive activities and games that are included in it. Through their active participation they realized how effective the manual is especially on creating group bonding but also on preparing the participants to write their stories by trusting their own voice and feelings. These are the key elements for creating digital stories.
Participatory learning and digital storytelling. Two interweaving methods that DEPAL partners believe in and have dedicated time and effort in order to make themavailable for all adult educators through the newly published Toolkit.

2nd Transnational Project Meeting

From 6th – 7th October 2021, the DEPAL partnership held their second transnational meeting online. We had hoped to be in beautiful Syros, Greece to meet together in person for the first time since our first transnational meeting in November 2019, but it was not to be! Despite being on Zoom (again!), we had a great meeting, reviewing our work so far, and looking at what we’ve got coming up. Our amazing toolkit will soon be launched (watch this space), and the partners will meet in Spain next month for our second training event. We also got to try out some of our much improved online participatory skills! Bye for now!

Depal Toolkit Webinar

Wednesday 20th October 2021

16.30-19.00 BST/ 17.30-20.00 CET/ 18.30-21.00 EET

Would you like to get a taste of the DEPAL Toolkit?

You will find it very useful and effective.

Join us in a fun session dedicated to participatory learning and digital storytelling.

Take the chance to interact with other adult educators around Europe and be inspired to use these methods with your groups.

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Deadline for registration: 18/10 (limited number of participants)