First Project Meeting in Liverpool

Educators and organisations from five European countries met in Liverpool in November 2019 to kick off their new Erasmus+ project, Digital Education & Participatory Adult Learning (DEPAL). The meeting was a chance for the participants (from Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland and the UK) to meet face to face to plan the next 30 months in detail!

With warm up activities led by experienced facilitator Jason Ward of Liverpool World Centre, the group quickly settled into positive working relationships and by the end of the two day meeting had a detailed timeline and understanding of what is to come… Look out for our amazing resources over the coming months: a Guide and a Toolkit will be available for all adult educators. Both resources will look at how participatory education methods, and the process of digital storytelling, can be used with marginalised adult learners, to better facilitate the development of digital skills for the 21st century.

The next step for the project is to benefit from the great skills of Irish partner ‘Partners, Training for Transformation’ who will lead us in developing new creative facilitation techniques, whilst Italian partner Labcentro will complement this with two days of training in Digital Storytelling methodology.

We’re all excited to see where the project takes us!


* The values cards ‘Values: 58 ideas we live by’ (see right of image) are produced by – we love them here at Liverpool World Centre!

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