Webinar about the DEPAL Toolkit

Getting feedback and comments from the participants of the Greek local workshop

It was a real pleasure to meet again on Tuesday the 22nd of June with some of the participants of the Greek local workshop. We were hosted by a platform that Diciannove has created especially for the project and we had the help of Anna Ponte who was responsible for all the technical issues. The participants had the chance to give feedback from their experience inside their classrooms, where they implemented what they learned from the workshop and then the facilitator of the webinar, Eugenia Kollia, presented the structure and the chapters of the Toolkit. Generally there was a satisfaction about the content of the Toolkit but also some needs for specific material was expressed from the participants which the writers will take into consideration.

DEPAL webinar- An opportunity to meet again

The participants of Vardakeios DEPAL local workshop will have the chance to meet online one more time on Tuesday the 22nd of June 2021 from 20.00-21.30. This time the educators will give feedback from the work they have done in their classrooms based on participatory learning and digital storytelling method. Eugenia Kollia and Maria Krina, the coordinators of the workshop, will also present the main parts of the toolkit, a resource that the DEPAL partners are preparing this period. The educators will have the chance to make comments on it and even to propose elements that believe are missing and will be helpful for other educators that would like to apply the methodology.